Help Desk Services

Technology has become so critical to daily operations of organizations that any interruption of IT services to end users puts the entire organization at risk. The service desk, serves as the ingestion point where everything that touches IT enters the system. As a single point of contact for all of IT, the service desk also provides a window into the entire IT environment.

If you are an IT leader who is seeking guaranteed service levels for your help desk service and technical support needs, our help desk outsourcing service can give you that and more. Your outsourced helpdesk will give you the freedom to focus on your core competencies while giving your employees or customers a pleasant, satisfying help desk experience. Our people, processes and technology give you the information to identify trends and anticipate training needs, increase responsiveness to your internal (or external) customers, and ultimately help you secure the reputation of providing quality service to those you service every day.

We'll show you how you can save money each year through help desk outsourcing while providing world class help desk support. When you partner with SLT Help Desk Services, you gain a partner recognized by the Help Desk Institute as a leader in the help desk outsource industry. Our state of the art technology and predictable, repeatable workflow processes will lead to distinct improvement in customer satisfaction levels. We help you identify your needs to build a custom-tailored help desk outsource solution that will delight your employees or customers and allow you to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.