About SLT

Our Approach

Want the best? So do we. That’s why we are meticulous in our hiring practices, choosing only the best for the SLT team. We then provide our people with tools and training to allow them to maintain their expertise; applying it to our organization and ultimately to your business.

SLT people are dedicated to what they do. That’s why they’re dedicated to you. They don’t just meet rigorous technical qualifications; they have to meet exacting standards for people skills and the ability to proactively assess a company’s unique IT requirements. That allows them to provide solutions for which they, and we, are 100% accountable.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we regularly meet with you to obtain timely and thorough feedback to ensure that the job is being done right. When changes in scope occur, and they will, we offer the flexibility and partnership to implement whatever solutions may be called for to successfully meet your IT requirements.